Galapagos Cruise and Amazon Jungle Tour | Overview


We explore two of Ecuador's natural wonders: the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon Jungle rainforest.

INCA's Amazon option blends adventure with education, pristine wilderness with creature comforts, global perspective with local expertise for an ideal complement to a Galapagos experience.

We first explore the Galapagos Islands, highlighted with an 8-day cruise. At the end of our Galapagos adventure we fly back to Quito and then on to Ecuador's Rio Napo.

In the Amazon Basin we'll witness a complex ecosystem where the climate is warm but not hot, humid but not muggy, and where the layers of dense vegetation harbor a truly mind-boggling number of species—Ecuador has over 1,450 species of birds, many that exist nowhere else.

We spend five days experiencing firsthand this diverse and fragile wonder-of-the-world. We explore the jungle from many points of view—from the miles of hiking trails (some of the most pristine in the Amazon), from dugout canoe, from a platform and canopy walk built high above the rain forest floor, and from right outside your room.

Throughout our jungle adventure, English-speaking naturalist guides share their knowledge and experience with us, helping to enrich our encounter with this immense tropical rain forest.

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Capuchin monkey. (Weston Walker)


  • 8 Day/7-night Galapagos Islands cruise aboard the luxury yacht Integrity
  • Overnight on Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos
  • Charles Darwin Research Station visit
  • 5-Day/4-night Amazon exploration on Ecuador's Rio Napo at Jungle Lodge


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