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An Alaska private yacht charter aboard Alaskan Song is a very special experience.  Husband-and-wife team of Richard and Nancy Friedman treat each guest like a cherished friend and each delight in each cruise as if it was their own first discovery. Between May and September, Captain Richard and Chef Nancy guide your temporal and gastronomical enjoyment of Alaska’s bounty aboard the 96-foot, 8- to 10-passenger Alaskan Song on weekly cruises between Sitka and Juneau. 

Alaskan Song boasts some of the finest views from any dining room on the planet. The kitchen, lounge and dining share one grand room with a 270 degree panorama of nature. Each of the four cabins feature private en-suite facilities. Two cabins have one queen and one twin bed; the other two cabins have two twin beds. 

You'll awake to the early summer light and the smell of freshly-brewed coffee, dine on gourmet meals of fresh seafood you caught that day, hike to remote hot springs, share vintage wines with your traveler’s stories, and fall asleep to the gentle sounds of a boat in calm waters.
The yacht sets a new itinerary for each adventure. You may navigate among house-sized icebergs through the deep Tracy Arm Fjord to their source, the massive Sawyer Glacier, scanning the hillsides for mountain goats nimbly cavorting on impossible slopes. Or you may cruise the far west coast of Chichagof Island, spying abundant otters and puffins. The Alaskan Song team is alert for any news of whale activity and cruises to the action if possible.  All routes are delightful.



  • 7-day flexible itineraries based on your interests
  • Whales, bears, eagles and other wildlife
  • Sea kayaking, nature hikes, hot springs
  • Fishing, crabbing, shrimping
  • Gourmet cuisine, fine vintage wines
  • Lodging the nights before & after your cruise

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